Since the beginning of the 2014 Queensland school year we have been inundated with complaints from appalled, often distressed, parents. Please be aware that across Queensland, according to the Queensland Education Act, less than 10% of the entire student population are legally eligible for placement into Religious Instruction (RI) without written parental consent. The other 90% - possibly your child included - must be 'opted-in'.

Here is a PDF breakdown of the most recent figures in this regard: Queensland statistics

Please read the information below and don't hesitate to contact us for further advice and assistance.

Religion Question

IMPORTANT: If you have optionally left the provided 'RELIGION' question space blank, or nominated a non-Christian worldview, your child is automatically opted-out of Religious Instruction (RI) in accordance with the Queensland Education Act during your child's entire term of enrolment at the school. No further action is required on your part - your child by law must not be placed in Religious Instruction and must, also enforced by State legislation: "receive other instruction in a separate location"

Download a copy of your rights here

Within the Queensland state school enrolment form is the above response-optional 'Religion' question. Responses to this question are centrally recorded in the Education Queensland OneSchool database, and remain the only mechanism by which children are either placed in Religious Instruction or, as the Queensland Education Act states: "receive other instruction in a separate location". The most recent statewide figures available reveal that almost 80% of Queensland parents optionally choose to place no response within the space provided - they leave it blank.

When this figure is combined with approximately 11% of responses nominating a non-Christian worldview, we are left with a mere 9% of the entire Queensland student population who are legally eligible for placement in Religious Instruction. The remaining 91% of Queensland state school students must not be placed in Religious Instruction, as the Queensland Education Act states: "unless the student's parent has given written consent". According to state statute, there are no exceptions or other methods used in the RI placement process in Queensland state schools.

Unfortunately, within many, if not the majority of state schools across Queensland, children are placed into Religious Instruction as the default option. Not only is this gravely in breach of State law, it also represents an abuse of the civil liberties of the over 450,000 - that is, the over 90% of Queensland state school children who are legally ineligible for placement into Religious Instruction without written parental consent.

The current flowchart below must by state law be followed to the letter:

Please click here or above pic for PDF flowchart
or here for flowchart in situ at the Ed Qld website

It's important to note that all of the above is a 'once only' process. The parent response (or lack of) to the enrolment form 'religion' question remains in force throughout the child's enrolment at the school. No other forms of annual opting-out exist or are required.

Furthermore, there is absolutely no 'RE' (Religious Education) mentioned within the Queensland Education Act, only 'RI' (Religious Instruction). All efforts at a local level to re-badge 'RI' as 'RE' are a stealthily crafted con job. Should you be told 'there is no difference', suggest that the school re-titles 'sex education' as 'sex instruction'. We are certain that they will get the idea.

Should you be experiencing any difficulties whatsoever in having your child removed from illegal placement into Religious Instruction in 2014, don't get mad—get furious! Please contact the BITA team immediately. We will act upon your behalf with absolute discretion and you will not be identified if that is your wish:
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(if necessary, forward the PDF to your school principal)

If you have not provided a religion on your child's enrolment form, by law, your child must not be placed in religious instruction without your written consent. Your child must receive other instruction in a separate location during Religious Instruction. Also, by law, Religious Instruction is strictly prohibited for all children in Prep year.

Please report any abuse of the Education Act to


Note: Students nominated as Seventh Day Adventist,Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Jehovah’s Witnesses are normally excluded from Christian Religious Instruction unless provided by their respective church ministers or representatives.